Jaron Andersen, MD

Dr. Jaron Andersen grew up in the mountain states of Colorado and Utah. He is the oldest of four children. Dr Andersen participated in athletics during most of his upbringing and was a first-team Utah state high school football player at the position of offensive tackle and tight end.

As a result of his interest in the human body, the sciences, and his desire to solve problems based in objective reality, he decided to go to medical school and moved to Southern California to attend USC Keck School of Medicine in 2001. He would eventually attend orthopedic residency at USC as well.

In 2010, Dr Andersen attended the well-respected Shoulder/Elbow fellowship at the Florida Orthopedic Institute, where he learned from Mark Frankle, MD about rotator cuff surgery, shoulder replacements, and other technical aspects of upper extremity surgery. He performed over 300 shoulder replacement surgeries in that year of training.

Today Dr. Andersen continues to participate in regular exercise, reading novels, and finding fun things to do with his kids. He is keenly interested in sports, home and automobile repair, and 3D printing.

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